CDC Finds Women Shunning Babies for Little Lapdogs

Young women just aren’t that crazy about babies any more, shunning the diaper changes and midnight feedings for dubbed-in family members that don’t demand as much care: dogs.

And not just any type dog — specifically, those that weigh less than 25 pounds.

“I’d rather have a dog over a kid,” said Sara Foster, 30, the proud owner of a French bulldog named Maddie, the New York Post reported. “It’s just less work and, honestly, I have more time to go out. You … don’t have to get a baby sitter.”

Her view is being repeated across the nation by women in the 15-to-29-years-old group, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found. New statistics show that big drops in the numbers of babies born to women in this age group coincide with big increases in the numbers of dogs owned by females around the same age range, the business site Quartz reported.