CDC: Access to Healthcare Unchanged After ACA’s First Year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released early estimates of health insurance and access to healthcare from January through September 2014 that suggest Obamacare’s impact on overall access to health-care coverage has been negligible.

The findings are based on the National Health Insurance Survey, which asks three important questions:

  • Are respondents uninsured at the time the survey is conducted?
  • Have they been uninsured for at least part of the year?
  • Have they been uninsured for more than a year?

The CDC news release containing the estimates includes a chart which shows that “the proportion of long-term uninsured is about the same as it was circa 2000,” notes John Graham of the National Center for Policy Analysis, a pro-free-market think tank.

But according to Graham, the data “masks a dramatic increase in government dependency among working-age adults,” during this period, one which was not primarily the result of Obamacare.

The data shows that in 1997, 72.8 percent of those aged 18 to 64 years had private health insurance coverage. By 2010, this had fallen to 64.1 percent.