75 Percent of Expectant Mothers Will Vaccinate

Three quarters of expectant mothers say they plan to follow the recommendations of their doctors on childhood vaccinations, a new study shows. The study also found, however, that 10.5 percent plan to spread out the recommended immunization schedule and 4 percent are planning to have their child receive some but not all of the recommended […]

Trump Links Vaccines to Autism ‘Epidemic’

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump on Wednesday doubled down on his controversial stance that vaccinations are linked to what he described as an autism “epidemic.” “I’ve seen it,” he said at the second main-stage GOP debate on CNN Wednesday night. “You take this little beautiful baby, and you pump — it looks just like it’s meant for […]

Uprising Against HPV Vaccine Mandate Sweeps Rhode Island

Rhode Island health bureaucrats are facing an uprising among parents, lawmakers, and even some doctors after issuing a  deeply controversial vaccine mandate last month. Unless it is reversed, the decree purports to require that all 7th grade students, generally about 11-years old, be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease (STD) prior to starting school in […]

Fiorina: Parents Should Have Right to Not Vaccinate Kids

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said she supports parents’ rights not to vaccinate their children for communicable diseases like the measles – but also supported public schools’ decisions to exclude those children. “It’s always the parent’s choice,” Fiorina said while campaigning in Iowa, responding to a question from a woman who chooses not to vaccinate […]

Mumps Outbreak Strikes College Students Who Already Received TWO MMR Vaccines

Dozens of students attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have come down with the mumps virus in what authorities believe could snowball into an all-out epidemic. But once again, the vast majority of afflicted students were already twice vaccinated for mumps (MMR) prior to catching the disease, upending government claims about this dangerous and […]

California Vaccine Bill Battle Erupts Into All-Out Political War

Those people clad in white keeping silent vigil in front of the California state Capitol have a message for Democratic legislators: The thousands who opposed the stricter vaccination mandates signed into law Tuesday aren’t backing down. As it turns out, however, neither are those Democratic legislators. In spite of the outcry over Senate Bill 277, […]

Mandatory Vaccine Measure Signed Into Law in California

California Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill eliminating the state’s personal beliefs exemption for school vaccine requirements – legislation that was prompted by a measles outbreak at Disneyland linked to low vaccination rates. The new law, which makes California only the third state to eliminate religious and other personal vaccine exemptions, generated vociferous […]

California Lawmakers Vote to Limit Vaccine Exemptions for School Children

California’s Assembly on Thursday approved a hotly contested bill requiring that nearly all public schoolchildren be vaccinated, clearing one of its last major legislative obstacles before the measure heads to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill aims to increase immunization rates after a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland in December sickened over 100 people […]

California to Tighten Vaccine Law Despite Outcry Over Parental Rights

The rash of tough pro-vaccine bills that infected state legislatures after the Disneyland measles outbreak has largely faded, and based on the uproar in California, it’s not hard to see why. The state capitol has been flooded off and on for months with parental-choice advocates drawing thousands for protests against Senate Bill 277, which would […]