Feds Spent $800,000 Studying Dating Prospects for Obese Teenage Girls

It isn’t much of a secret that overweight girls tend to have harder times getting dates to the prom, much less boyfriends. But federal officials apparently wanted scientific proof, so they spent $800,000 studying obese teenage romances. Last year, the National Institutes of Health, the government’s health research arm, gave nearly a half-million in taxpayer […]

Use of Morning-After Pill Soars Among Teens

Use of the morning-after pill has risen sharply among teenage girls over the last decade, as the teen pregnancy rate has steadily fallen. Twenty-two percent of teenage girls took the morning-after pill in 2013, compared with 8 percent in 2002, according to a report on teen sex released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control […]

Teenage Obesity Increased During First Two Years of First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program

In the first two years since First Lady Michelle Obama launched her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to fight childhood obesity in 2010, teenage obesity rates increased, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). From 2009-2010, 18.4 percent of children ages 12-19 were classified as obese, according to the CDC. Since then, from […]

Pediatricians Urge IUDs or Implants for Teen Girls

Teen girls who have sex should use IUDs or hormonal implants — long-acting birth control methods that are effective, safe and easy to use, the nation’s most influential pediatricians’ group recommends. In an updated policy, the American Academy of Pediatrics says condoms also should be used every time teens have sex, to provide protection against […]

‘Sexting’ is New Courtship’, Parents Are Told

‘Sexting’ is the new form of courtship among teenagers, a report claims as it urges parents to stop panicking over the growing use of technology for flirting. Nearly three quarters of 15 to 18-year-olds have sent sexually explicit text messages while half have sent naked or semi-naked photos and videos of themselves, the research for […]

FDA Proposes First E-Cigarette Rules, Including Banning Sales to Minors

The federal government wants to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors and require approval for new products and health warning labels under regulations being proposed by the Food and Drug Administration. While the proposal being issued Thursday won’t immediately mean changes for the popular devices, the move is aimed at eventually taming the fast-growing […]