DOJ Banning Smoking in Federal Prisons

The Justice Department (DOJ) is banning smoking and all tobacco products in federal prisons, according to a final regulation to be published Monday. All federal prison inmates will be prohibited from smoking, unless they receive a religious exemption. Staff will also still be able to smoke in designated areas. The government said they are moving […]

Report Finds VA Clinics ‘Missed Opportunities’ To Prevent Vietnam Vet’s Suicide

A newly released government investigation has found that three Veterans Affairs health clinics “missed opportunities” to prevent a Vietnam veteran’s suicide, with failures ranging from “communication breakdowns” to completely ignoring his “multiple suicide risk factors.” The unnamed sixty-something patient, who had previously attempted suicide in 1989, shot himself in the head in 2013. He’d been receiving treatment […]

State Farm Was NOT There When This Family’s House Was INFESTED With Thousands Of DEADLY SPIDERS

Thousands of venomous spiders forced a St. Louis-area family to abandon its home. The lethal brown recluse spiders invaded every nook and cranny of the $450,000 house. They even seeped out of the ceiling. And State Farm, the family’s insurance company, has flatly refused to pay for damages despite a jury’s finding that it must, […]

Obama: You Can’t Get Ebola ‘Sitting Next to Someone on a Bus;’ CDC: ‘Avoid Public Transportation’

Speaking in a video message to residents of West African countries currently experiencing outbreaks of Ebola, President Barack Obama dispensed advice on how residents can avoid the disease, including:”You cannot get it through casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus.” At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is […]

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: ‘Biblically Correct Sex is Safe’ Sex – No STDs

The Bible teaches that God made one man and one woman to come together and be married, a union through which they can procreate and “fill the Earth with offspring,” said Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who added that if the married couple are monogamous, “they can’t catch a sexually transmitted disease” and this “Biblically […]

Obama: US Working on Protocols for Ebola Screening at Airports

President Barack Obama said on Monday his administration was working on additional protocols for screening airplane passengers to identify people who might have Ebola and would step up efforts to make medical professionals aware of what to do if they encounter a case. Obama made the disclosure after meeting top administration officials involved in attempting […]

US Hospitals Unprepared to Handle Ebola Waste

U.S. hospitals may be unprepared to safely dispose of the infectious waste generated by any Ebola virus disease patient to arrive unannounced in the country, potentially putting the wider community at risk, biosafety experts said. Waste management companies are refusing to haul away the soiled sheets and virus-spattered protective gear associated with treating the disease, […]

Senate Bill Passes To End FDA Stranglehold On Sunscreen Innovation

Without any objection, the Senate has passed a bill forcing the FDA to speed up the approval process for sunscreen technology, HAPPI reports. Sunscreen technology has stagnated in the United States since the 1990s, not because companies have failed to innovate, but because the Food and Drug Administration has been sitting on proposals submitted 12 […]

Petition Calls for Peanut-Free Zones on Planes

The parent of a child with a life-threatening peanut allergy is fighting for new rules to protect airline passengers who have severe food allergies. Lianne Mandelbaum, who says she was practically kicked off a United Airlines flight last year because of her son’s condition, has been lobbying for new protections for allergy sufferers. Now, more […]

American Heart Association Presses for Strict Federal Controls on E-Cigarettes

The American Heart Association says e-cigarettes are dangerous gateway products that cause nicotine addiction and should be subject to strict federal controls for minor-aged use. The group published its statement into the journal Circulation. Among its views: Ban e-cigarettes for minors, tightly regulate the product’s marketing and ban vapors that have flavors because they entice […]