GOP Candidates: We Need Mental Health Care, Not Gun Control

Asked about President Obama’s executive actions on guns, several Republican candidates said he should focus instead on expanding access to mental health care rather than restricting firearms. “It’s not the guns that pull the trigger, it’s the people who pull the trigger,” Donald Trump said at the GOP Fox Business debate Thursday night, noting that […]

Grassley Challenges Obama: Fix Mental Health Before Targeting Guns

The influential chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee moved quickly Thursday to question plans by President Obama to impose gun control next week, claiming that none of the administration’s ideas would have done a thing to stop the recent mass shootings. A regular on Twitter, Grassley tweeted, “So Obama will soon issue ExecOrders on GunControl/None […]

Hillary Clinton Aims to Cure Alzheimer’s With Increased Research Spending

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton would like to increase spending on Alzheimer’s research by $2 billion annually for over a decade, with a goal of curing the disease by 2025. Mrs. Clinton’s plan calls for the appointment of a team to oversee the effort and consult regularly with top researchers to help ensure their progress. […]

Clinical Psychologist Turned Congressman Prescribes Mental Health Fix to Prevent Mass Shootings

Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., thinks he has a solution for much of the surge in mass shootings. Rather than reacting with new gun control measures, Murphy proposes to overhaul the nation’s mental health system to get at what he believes is the root of the violence. Recent mass murders have given that reform effort traction. […]

Responding to a Mental Health System in Crisis

You cannot watch the news for very long without seeing some new tragedy where the perpetrator is reported to have a mental illness. More than 13 million Americans have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression, and the majority of them are going without treatment. You only need to look at the most recent mass shootings […]

ACLU: ‘As a Matter of Science’, Biologically Male Transgender is ‘A Girl Through and Through’

An American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyer representing a biologically male transgender student in Illinois says that his client should be allowed to shower in the girls’ locker room because “as a matter of science,” he is “a girl through and through”. Although the Palatine-Schaumberg Township High School District 211 allows transgender students to use locker rooms of the […]

“Scientific” Findings of Obama’s Mind-control Social and Behavioral Science Team

Last month, the White House’s Social and Behavioral Science Team published its first annual report on the effectiveness of behavioral science to achieve policy change. President Obama has been an advocate of using behavioral psychology on citizens for the purposes of policymaking, despite criticisms from notable individuals such as Bill Shughart, professor of public choice […]