40,000 Packages of Backlogged Claims Material Discovered at Single VA Office

More than 40,000 backlogged mail packages of veterans’ disability claims material were discovered at a VA regional office in Florida, according to a new report from the VA inspector general. Investigators also found more than 1,600 boxes of unprocessed veterans’ claims material at a scanning facility with which the St. Petersburg, Florida, regional office was […]

Taxpayers Billed $27 Million for Hoveround Wheelchairs That Weren’t Medically Necessary

Taxpayers were billed $27 million for thousands of power wheelchairs that were not medically necessary for their users. Hoveround was the subject of an audit released last week by the Department of Health and Human Services inspector general, which faulted the company for failing to meet Medicare requirements before it charged the government for its […]

Terror Attacks Happen On Same Day As Planned Doctor Strike

Thousands of medical professionals planned to go on strike Friday to protest a health reform bill in the French Parliament on the same day Parisians faced terrorist attacks at multiple locations including a rock concert venue, a soccer stadium, and night club. It is unknown if medical professionals called off the protest at the last […]

HIPAA and How it Affects Parenting

It’s every parent’s nightmare. You get that phone call in the middle of the night delivering the horrific news that your child was in an accident. You rush to the hospital, numb, but ready to serve as your child’s advocate and to make all the right decisions about his care. When you get there, you’re […]

Obama Promises Fall Flat as VA Continues to Fail Veterans

On Veterans Day President Obama will lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery and talk about his administration’s progress in caring for vets, but critics of the beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs point to fresh scandals and persistent mismanagement as proof that little has changed. White House officials said Tuesday that Mr. Obama will highlight […]

Phoenix VA Hospital Leaders KICK OUT Investigative Task Force

According to internal documents, Phoenix VA hospital director Glen Grippen told an investigative team sent by departmental headquarters to leave facility premises and said that he “decides what’s going to happen around here.” Department of Veterans Affairs headquarters sent the team out to Phoenix in order to initiate reforms at the controversial facility, following revelations […]

Hillary Tries to Walk-Back Her Asinine Comments About VA Scandal

After attempting to score points with her base against Republicans last week by saying the problems at Veterans Administration hospitals across the country, which have left 300,000 veterans dead waiting for care, aren’t “widespread,” Team Hillary is attempting to walk back her asinine comments. In case you missed what she said: During an interview with […]

Hillary Campaign Does Damage Control After She Downplays the VA Scandal

Earlier this week, Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton managed to offend a demographic everyone agrees deserves our utmost respect: veterans. The former secretary of state had the opportunity to challenge the Department of Veterans Affairs on its scandal-plagued agency, yet she oddly claimed the fallout hasn’t been as “widespread” as some have said. Has she followed the news? The […]

Healthcare.gov Approves Fake Applicants in GAO Sting

Healthcare.gov approved subsidized coverage in 2015 for 10 fictitious applicants in another Government Accountability Office (GAO) sting, according to a report from the investigative agency. The GAO created 10 applications whose features included impossible Social Security numbers and claims to work for an employer offering health insurance not meeting Obamacare. Some applicants already had health-care coverage. “For these 10 […]

Bush Proposes Overhaul of Social Security, Medicare

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is proposing significant changes to Social Security and Medicare to keep the costly federal entitlement programs on solid financial footing. Bush outlined his proposals on the website Medium.com on Tuesday, the day before the third Republican presidential debate, in Colorado. Bush said he wants to gradually raise the retirement age […]

Ben Carson’s Quiet Health Care Revelation

A huge chunk of the U.S. economy is tied up in health care ($3.8 trillion annually). Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t stray far from big government’s role, and suggests taking the money that’s already there and redistributing it into new programs. What is Carson’s health reform plan? The presidential candidate’s position pivots on four […]