GMO Corn Plantings Lead to Death of 37 Million Bees in Canada

Tens of millions of bees near Ontario, Canada, have dropped dead following a recent planting of genetically modified (GM) corn. David Schuit, a beekeeper in Elmwood, reportedly lost 600 hives containing some 37 million bees, the direct result, say scientists, of neonicotinoid pesticides that damage bees’ immune systems and navigation abilities, resulting in mass die-offs. […]

Major Corporation Calling GMOs ‘All Natural’ Targeted for False Advertising

Did you know that your Heinz ketchup, which the company claims is ‘all natural,’ is really full of toxic, genetically modified ingredients? It’s bursting with GM corn, which contains at least 5 things that really shouldn’t be in a food condiment. Heinz was also sued for advertising their distilled white vinegar as ‘all natural’ when […]

Coke, Pepsi, Kraft and General Mills Pony Up Millions to Kill New York GMO Labeling Bill

They call them “campaign contributions,” but what are they really? — Just kickbacks, bribery and money laundering. Remember when George W. Bush was running the country and made all that money off “insider business” deals while subsidizing GMO high-fructose corn syrup? Now it’s worse with Obama. Still, New York is the next precedent state “case” […]

Barcode System Suggested as Means to Label GMOs

Companies have been fighting GMO labeling for as long as people have wanted it, but those against GMO labeling may have just found a loophole to get the job done their way. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Nestlé officials have shown him an “extended barcode” that can be read using a smartphone or a machine. Consumers could then ‘read’ […]

Failure of the EPA Marked by Honey Bee Decline

There have been suspicions about pesticides causing colony collapse disorder (CCD) where suddenly many bees die or disappear from their hives and never return. In particular, many scientists have been suspecting a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. After several large scale bee keeper and organic farmer protests and petitions in France, Italy, Germany, and […]

Injured Veterans Program Faces the Ax

Hundreds of veterans with traumatic brain injuries will get kicked out of assisted living facilities this fall unless policymakers in Washington soon extend an expiring pilot program. Lawmakers are in an uproar over reports that dozens of veterans may have died because of obstacles to obtaining medical treatment at Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals, but Congress […]

Bill Would Have FDA Decide on Labeling Genetically Modified Food

Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo is pushing a bill in Congress that would shift responsibility for any labeling of genetically modified foods to the hands of the federal government, potentially stopping the efforts underway in many states to mandate labels on such foods. Pompeo, who represents an agricultural district in south-central Kansas, said that all evidence […]