House Moves Forward on Medical Cures Bill

A package of new policies aimed at getting cutting-edge medical cures to Americans more quickly is moving forward, with House lawmakers releasing the latest iteration last week. In an effort to gain bipartisan support, Republicans slashed the draft in half from an earlier version, removing one particularly controversial section giving drug developers more time to […]

Pediatricians Appeal to DEA to Allow Research on Medical Marijuana Treatment for Children

Critics of marijuana legalization love to argue about its repercussions for “the children”—paging Nancy Grace—but the American Academy of Pediatrics seems to disagree. The group has now appealed to the Drug Enforcement Agency to reclassify marijuana and allow them to research its medical benefits for children, the Wall Street Journal reports. They have also asked […]

ADHD Drug Could Be the Answer for Binge Eating Disorder

An estimated 4 million Americans suffer from binge eating disorder (BED), or recurrent episodes of excessive food consumption that can lead to numerous health problems. A new clinical trial shows a popular drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is effective in combating BED. Researchers at the Lindner Center of Hope Research Institute in Mason, […]

Education as a Cause of Mental Health Issues

It’s one of the most bizarre and destructive events in American history. Circa 1931, public schools started using Whole Word to teach reading. (This method has many other names, such as Look-say, Whole Language, Dolch Words, and Sight Words.) Almost immediately, children started having psychological problems – i.e., mental health issues. The typical pattern is […]

Colorado Children’s Hospitals See Spike in Severe Respiratory Illness

Children’s hospitals in Denver are experiencing an alarming spike in a severe respiratory illness — especially among very young children and those with asthma — that may be caused by an uncommon viral pathogen. Officials at Children’s Hospital Colorado said they have treated more than 900 children since Aug. 18 for severe respiratory illness and […]