Children of Welfare Recipients More Likely to Become Dependent on Government Handouts

One timeless question that social researchers have often asked regarding welfare assistance is whether such assistance is generational. In other words, if parents are dependent on welfare and other taxpayer-supported assistance programs, will their children become dependent as well? According to a new study on the subject, researchers were not able to establish a firm […]

Fetus Is Suddenly a Baby When We Want It to Be

Remember the videos that showed Planned Parenthood VIPs discussing making money for organ harvesting? Planned Parenthood defenders made a big deal because they said one of the videos showed a dead premature baby while it talked about an aborted fetus. The only difference between them was the cause of death, but they pretended this was […]

Dispute Over Islam Homework Assignment Raises Questions About Public School Curriculum

A local dispute over a high school homework assignment made national headlines when parents in Virginia complained that a teacher was attempting to “indoctrinate” their children with the Muslim religion. “The sheet she gave out was pure doctrine in its origin,” Kimberly Herndon, mother of a 9th grade boy at the high school, told ABC affiliate […]

Feds Spend $460,809 Watching Preschoolers Outdoors

The National Institutes of Health is spending nearly a half a million dollars for researchers to observe how much time preschoolers in daycare spend outdoors. The project will also use GPS and light sensors to track kids’ physical activity levels in a “robust” effort to fight childhood obesity. “Physical activity lowers the risk of obesity in children, […]

Superintendent: We’ll Fight Transgender Locker Room Ruling to Protect Student Privacy

Apparently there is no room for compromise when it comes to allowing transgender students full access to the facilities of their choice – even locker rooms, where other students shower and change. Officials at Township High School District 211 in Palatine, Illinois have gone out of their way to accommodate transgender students. They give them […]

Feds Now Recommending Seat Belts for School Buses

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is recommending seat belts for school buses for the first time. School buses and other multiple-person vehicles like motorcoaches have typically been exempt from federal regulations that require seat belts in most other vehicles, although safety groups have for years pushed for the requirement to be added to […]

As School Meals Have Gotten Healthier, 1.4 Million Students Drop Out of School Lunch Program

Michelle Obama’s healthy school meal standards have scored not too tasty. Over a span of three school years, 1.4 million children dropped out of the National School Lunch Program, reports the Government Accountability Office (GAO). While the first lady’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act has brought healthier items to lunch trays, sugary and salty foods that […]

New Cell Therapy Clears Leukemia in Dying Baby

A baby whom doctors thought almost certain to die has been cleared of a previously incurable leukemia in the first human use of an “off-the-shelf” cell therapy from Cellectis that creates designer immune cells. One-year-old Layla had run out of all other treatment options when doctors at Britain’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) gave her […]