Planned Parenthood Is About To Shut Down A Christian Pharmacy For Refusing To Sell Abortion Drugs

A family-owned pharmacy is on the verge of being pushed out of business because they say the owners — devout Christians — won’t sell drugs like the morning after pill. Washington state passed a law in 2007 that pharmacies must provide emergency contraceptives, like the morning after pill and the week after pill, which many pro-life groups say […]

Clinton: ‘Can You Believe We Are Still Fighting’ Over Contraception?

Hillary Clinton and Neera Tandan, president of the liberal Center for American Progress, exchanged a bewildered series of emails in early 2012, expressing disappointment over having to discuss issues related to contraception, and alluding to some Democrats’ lingering fear of the Catholic Church. Clinton emailed Tanden on March 18, 2012, “Can you believe we are […]

Supreme Court to Hear Challenges to Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

The Supreme Court said Friday it will hear lawsuits from religious nonprofits who say the government didn’t go far enough when it offered to carve them out of President Obama’s birth-control rules on employers. The justices agreed to take on seven cases brought by faith-based colleges and ministries from across the country, marking the fourth […]

Supreme Court May Take Up This Birth Control Challenge

A group of nuns have received the most attention for challenging the Obama administration’s birth control mandate, but it could be four Christian universities in Oklahoma that grab the Supreme Court’s attention this fall. The cases are among seven near-identical challenges from religious schools, charities and clergy groups objecting to the way in which the […]

Federal Judge: Moral Objections Enough to Override HHS Contraception Mandate

In a stunning decision, a federal judge permanently barred the Department of Health and Human Services from enforcing the contraception mandate under ObamaCare against an employer for moral rather than explicitly religious grounds. Judge Richard Leon, the same DC district court judge that ruled the NSA phone collection program unconstitutional (and was reversed last week), rebuked the federal […]

Key To Female Infantry Integration Still Beyond Military Planners: Birth Control

The military is set to roll back restrictions on women serving in combat roles early next year, but that doesn’t mean integration problems have suddenly disappeared. Female servicemembers are bringing one particular issue to the forefront, namely the fact that they often can’t access the exact type of birth control they want at every military […]

Appellate Panel Clears Way for Lawsuit Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate

A three-judge appellate panel ruled unanimously last week that a Missouri state senator and his wife can move forward with their lawsuit against Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell over an Obamacare mandate that forces them to purchase health insurance that includes abortifacient contraceptives and sterilization in violation of their religious beliefs. State Sen. Paul Wieland and […]

New Oregon Law Will Allow Pharmacists to Dispense Contraceptives Without a Prescription

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill this week authorizing the state’s pharmacists to provide women over 18 with a 12-month supply of hormonal and oral contraceptives without a doctor’s prescription. California is the only other state with a similar law on the books, but it has not yet been implemented. “Oregon is now the easiest […]

Obama Admin’s Attempt to Follow Supreme Court’s Birth-Control Ruling Pleases Few

The Obama administration on Friday tried to extinguish lingering concerns about Obamacare’s birth-control mandate, issuing final rules on how closely held corporations and religious nonprofits can opt out. Health and Human Services Department officials said it rewrote its rules after the Hobby Lobby crafts chain and other devout business owners successfully challenged the mandate before […]