Cardinal George: Religious Freedom Is Being ‘Traded Off’ for Sexual Liberation

The Archbishop of Chicago is warning Americans that their religious freedom is “being traded off in favor of freedom of sexual expression” via birth control and gay marriage.

“What has happened to our vaunted American liberties?” Cardinal Francis George asked in a June article in the archdiocesan newspaper, the Catholic New World, as part of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Fortnight for Religious Freedom project.

“Except for property rights, they are all being traded off in favor of freedom of sexual expression,” Cardinal George said.

“That ‘freedom’ has become the trump card in almost every social dispute,” he added. “While the public conversation plays the game of liberal versus conservative, there is really only one issue: freedom versus tyranny, a tyranny masquerading as compassion and suppressing legally differences that seem to threaten abstract ‘equality.’”