Candidates Hitting the Gym Before the Campaign Trail

As potential candidates are weighing presidential bids, they are also weighing in.

With more pressure than ever to look good on the campaign trail and have the stamina to survive it, candidates are hitting the gym and skipping dessert to trim down or bulk up before they make their bids official.

When former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush traveled to Greenwich, Conn., last week to raise money for his nascent presidential bid, a local news report described him, foremost, as looking “physically fit.” Last month, the Miami Herald noted that Bush has begun working with a trainer and looks “his trimmest in years.”

In October, the National Review reported that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was “looking to beef up,” having added 13 pounds to his thin frame.

And Texas Gov. Rick Perry has switched up his fitness routine since the last election cycle, when frequent jogs exacerbated his back pain, dogging him during his brief campaign. Perry said he now chooses the stationary bike over running.