CA Chefs May Win Back Right to Handle Food Without Gloves

It looks like California chefs, bartenders and deli workers might be able to take off those hated rubber gloves.

Gov. Jerry Brown was presented Thursday with AB2130 — a “do-over” bill would repeal a law requiring those handling food that goes directly to diners wear gloves and mandating that they change those gloves with every new plate or fruit garnish on a drink.

The law took effect in January, but following a backlash from the public and the foodservice industry, the state legislature voted to repeal the ban.

“We’re grateful the assemblyman was willing to roll (the bill) back, hit pause and restart the process from the beginning,” Angie Pappas, a spokeswoman for the California Restaurant Association told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Pappas says she’s confident that Brown will sign the bill.