Burwell: No Really, Obamacare IS Working

Health and Human Services secretary Sylvia Burwell tried once again on Tuesday to set a new tone for Obamacare despite persistent public opposition, declaring success and plaintively asking the country to “move forward.” 

“The Affordable Care Act is working,” Burwell stressed in a speech at the Brookings Institution, citing several personal stories but few metrics. “Families, businesses and taxpayers are better off as a result.”

Despite her pledge that the law is working, Burwell acknowledged that the public doesn’t seem to think so. The secretary called for a “course correction” when it comes to talking about Obamacare: “Collectively turning the volume down.”

Burwell’s victory speech comes in the wake of a series of nonpartisan reports and new data have revealed a long list of ongoing problems and broken promises with the health-care law. From taxpayer dollars going to insurance plans that provide abortions to inadequate computer security for HealthCare.gov customer’s most personal information, it’s now clear that a year after Obamacare’s botched roll-out, implementation still isn’t going smoothly.