BRUCE: Veterans Die While a Traitor Gets VIP Health Care

During the past couple of weeks we’ve learned more of the obscene tactic at Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals accused of creating secret appointment lists to hide wait times for our veterans. At first, it was the shock of learning about the deaths of 40 of our patriots may be due to this obscenity at the VA in Phoenix.

Now it seems that may just be the tip of the iceberg. A whistleblower has come forward claiming Chicago’s Hines VA Medical Center also keeps secret lists in order to falsify the appointment wait times. CBS News spoke with VA social worker Germaine Clarno, who is alleging the lists are not just to game the required appointment wait time, but also to collect bonuses for doing so.

When asked by CBS about how far the fraud goes, Ms. Clarno said it was “hospitalwide.”

“We’re talking about surgery, radiology, women’s clinic, all those different areas, all the specialties, all the clinics ,” she said.

It’s an apparent systemwide fraud in a bureaucracy that sees our veterans not as its clients and patients, but as numbers on a piece of paper to shuffle, lie to and lose.

Most of us want to believe that not all VA hospitals are engaging in this catastrophe, and that’s all the more reason to establish a criminal investigation now, to treat this as the emergency it is and to stop it in its tracks.