Border Patrol Agents Report Spike in Sex Offenders Entering US

Border Patrol agents in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley are reporting a spike in the number of sex offenders coming into the United States, with 144 captured in that area within the last five months.

Last year, during the same time period, 93 offenders tried to get into the country, officials report.

Federal agents aren’t saying why more sex offenders are trying to enter the country, reports ABC affiliate KRGV, but it’s believed that many want to come into the united states to avoid prosecution in their own home countries.

In February alone, seven sex offenders were captured near McAllen, Harlingen, Falfurrias and Kingsville, and less than a week after that, two more were captured. And just two days ago, the television station reports, two more were also captured.

Agents said often, the sex offenders try to blend in with larger groups of other illegal immigrants to enter the country. Border Patrol agents, though, now use software that allows them to search criminal databases and identify offenders through fingerprints and retina and facial recognition scanning.