Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness

Thank you, Ferguson: Thanks to you we learned that black mob violence is now a sickness — not just a problem.

And no one is sicker than the reporters who ignore, condone, excuse, and even encourage it, as we learned from the latest riot.

For reporters, Mike Brown has always been a moving target: At first the Gentle Giant was cut down for no reason whatsoever. Reporters ate it up and black mob violence followed.

When that fairy tale evaporated, they replaced it — with ease.

The day after the riot ,on “Morning Joe”, I learned from a black reporter that because the district attorney of St. Louis took 25 minutes to explain the grand jury decision that was proof positive the cop should have gone to trial. And reason enough to riot.

Joe and Mika shook their heads more in sadness than anger.

Then on CNN, I learned the rioters did not like the tone of the District Attorney’s remarks. And that is why they did it.

Riot night, I learned black mob violence is “understandable,” or so quoth the President of the United States. (Yes, of America.) But I guess we already knew that from his speech at the United Nations.