Birth Father Demands Surrogate Undergo Abortion After He Learns She’s Carrying Triplets

Surrogate mom Melissa Cook is facing pressure from the birth father to abort one of the unborn triplets she is carrying for him as part of their surrogacy contract. Cook spoke out Tuesday about the ethical dilemma she is facing.

“They are human beings. I bonded with these kids. This is just not right,” she told the New York Post.

The babies’ father, a man from Georgia, hired Cook for $33,000 to have a child by in-vitro fertilization using his sperm and the eggs of a 20-year-old donor.

The 47-year-old California native was implanted with three embryos, which all developed normally against the odds.

Cook said the birth father immediately began to complain when he learned all three embryos had survived. She is now 17 weeks pregnant.

Cook shared with the Post a letter she sent to the father arguing, “The doctor put in three healthy embryos . . . The chances were high they were all going to take. You knew I was 47 years old. If you knew you only wanted two babies, then why put in three embryos?”

The father has begun threatening Cook with financial penalties if she does not undergo an abortion for one of the triplets.