Bipartisan ObamaCare Fix Fails in House

The House on Wednesday rejected bipartisan legislation to exempt expatriates’ insurance plans from the 2010 healthcare law.

The House voted 257-159 in favor of the bill, a clear majority. But Republicans called it up under a suspension of House rules, which requires a two-thirds majority vote.

The failed vote means Republicans could try to pass it again under regular order, which will only require a simple majority. In Wednesday’s vote, 52 Democrats supported the bill, which means it would easily pass under regular order.The GOP indicated that the measure could be brought up again after the Easter recess.”It’s a shame Democrats brought down a common sense bill offered by a fellow Democrat. We’ll reassess next steps when we get back,” a GOP leadership aide said.

Under the measure, Americans who work abroad and receive coverage through expatriate insurance plans would be exempt from the healthcare law’s individual and employer mandates. Business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce have endorsed the proposal.