Ben Carson’s Great Idea for Replacing Medicaid and Medicare

Ben Carson has a great idea to replace Medicaid and Medicare.

Carson, who now leads the GOP field in Iowa according to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, would eliminate the program that provides health care to 49 million senior citizens, as well as Medicaid, and replace it with a system of cradle-to-grave savings accounts which would be funded with $2,000 a year in government contributions.

Under the plan Carson outlined most specifically last year, the government would contribute $2,000 to each individual’s tax-free account every year, with a third of the funding earmarked for insurance to cover severe medical incidents. Individuals and employers could contribute additional funds to the accounts, and the unspent funds could be shared among family members, which Carson says “makes every family their own insurance company.” His main selling points – his plan gives people control of their own health care spending and would be cheaper to administer.

This is a great plan. When people are given a set amount of money and told they can spend it as they see fit, it gives them an incentive to go to doctors only when they need to.