Ben Carson: I’m Being Pressured to Run for President

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is under a growing amount of pressure to seek the presidency, but he says he still doesn’t want to run.

Still, he hasn’t ruled it out entirely yet.

“It wasn’t on my bucket list at the time I retired,” Carson told NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory during a roundtable discussion on the Sunday news show. “I didn’t [want to run] and I still don’t want to.”

But there is a “lot of pressure,” said Carson, who is a rising star in the Republican Party without holding a public office. “I’ll see how things go. I’m never going to say absolutely or absolutely not until it is an absolute.”

Whether or not Carson is running in 2016, he thinks presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton can be defeated if she decides to seek the presidency.

“I do think she’s beatable,” said Carson. “Everybody is beatable. Anybody who is human is beatable.”