Be Careful About Calling a Law The Affordable Health Care Act

By design or default, Justice Roberts may have done all of us a great favor.  In other words, his vote saying that the law was constitutional has given us all a chance to live under it.

What if Obamacare had been declared unconstitutional?  We would have spent the last three years hearing that those five Reagan-Bush-Bush justices killed affordable health care for all.

The latest is that the law is not very affordable, as Rich Lowry wrote today:

The problem is that the deductibles on many Americans’ health insurance policies have shot up so high that as a practical matter they can’t afford care. If a couple had a deductible of, say, $500 in the past, and it’s now $3,000, that couple has to spend a lot of money out-of-pocket before reaping the benefits of coverage. And the higher the deductible, the more likely a person is going to skip some sort of needed treatment or medicine because he or she can’t afford the up-front costs.