Barbra Streisand Decries Gender ‘Injustice’ in Heart Research

Barbra Streisand continues to fight the No. 1 killer of women in the United States: heart disease. As co-founder of the Women’s Heart Alliance, the entertainer is addressing gender disparity in medical research and calling for action on women’s heart health.

“Women are the center of the family, and every woman lost is someone’s mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt or friend,” she said at The New York Times’ Women in the World Summit in May. “But too few women know they need to be fighting back — or how.”

Miss Streisand launched her Fight the Ladykiller campaign through the Women’s Heart Alliance to raise awareness of heart disease, which kills more women than all types of cancer combined.

“Heart disease kills one woman every minute,” Miss Streisand said in a statement released to The Washington Times. “Yet as a nation, we’re not talking about this injustice, we’re not raising the alarm bells, and we’re not taking bold steps to prevent and treat heart disease in women.”