Attkisson: Media Has No Problem Saying Christians Bomb Abortion Clinics

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz,” while discussing the controversy over President Barack Obama and his administrations unwillingness to label ISIS and other extremist groups as Islamic terrorists,  investigate reporter Sharyl Attkisson pointed out the media and society at large has no problem being very clear it’s Christians who bomb abortion clinics.

Attkisson said, “He doesn’t see it as Islamic terrorism because he doesn’t see the terrorists as being of the Islamic faith. Not the even the president has the power to make something be a terrorist act or not. That’s not what is important. The two issues I see are, number one, is he affecting a strategy based on whatever it is that leads them to avoid use of this ‘i’ word that he doesn’t want to use. And secondly, Ithink you have to be careful about sending a message who work with you, your advisers, that there are certain things that you don’t touch. You might not hear the truth or they might not be encouraged to tell you what is really going on.”