As People Get Heavier, Crash-Test Dummies Gain Weight

Your average crash-test dummy, it seems, weighs 167 pounds. But a lot of Americans, as you might have noticed, weigh considerably more than that. That disparity raises safety issues rather than health issues, reports UPI, and there’s a sobering statistic to back that up, as per CNN: “Obese people are 78% more likely to die in a crash,” says Chris O’Connor, CEO of Humanetics, which is planet Earth’s No. 1 dummy manufacturer.

“The reason is the way we get fat. We get fat in our middle range. And we get out of position in a typical seat.” So to better study the way larger people fare in car accidents, old Vince and Larry are packing on the pounds—one Humanetics prototype clocks in at around 270 pounds with a BMI of 35.

But these dummies are pretty sharp, notes CNN: At up to $500,000 a pop and with some “130 channels of information,” O’Connor says the amount of data is four or five times greater than in previous years.