Arizona Education Chief Nullifies Federal Food Fundraising Rules

A state-level bureaucrat is standing up to the the central government planners is a most unusual way.

Arizona’s superintendent of public instruction, Diane Douglas, has informed all school districts in the Grand Canyon state that they have blanket authority to ignore all federal nutrition mandates regulating school fundraisers.

“Forcing parents and other supporters of schools to only offer federally approved food and snacks at fundraisers is a perfect example of the overreach of government and intrusion into local control,” Douglas said in a statement. “I have ordered effective immediately, that the ADE Health and Nutrition Services division grant exemptions for all fund-raisers for both traditional public schools and charter public schools.”

Douglas made news during the campaign for superintendent for her vocal opposition to the Common Core educational scheme.

“The voters have rendered their decision and they have rejected Common Core in Arizona. We must now work on creating a new set of higher state standards that will prepare our students for a life-time of success,” Douglas said in November.

The regulations rejected by Douglas are part of the Smart Snacks in School program designed to make sure children being educated by the government only eat food the government approves, including any fare offered at a bake sale.