Arizona Child Protection Officials Kidnap 7 Children Then Issue Gag Order to Keep Parents Quiet

Two Arizona parents say state Child Protective Services officials have essentially kidnapped seven of their children after one child died mysteriously while in the care of a babysitter friend months ago, though no criminal charges have been filed and no autopsy report has been issued by the medical examiner’s office.

According to interviews and data provided to Natural News, Jeff and Tabitha Shoars of Avondale, a suburb of Phoenix, have so far been given no explanation as to why CPS officials who removed their children from their home have begun the process of terminating parental rights after their daughter, Khloe, 3, who was born prematurely and with a brain hemorrhage, collapsed and died more than five months ago, in August.

Here are the details of the case.

The evening of Khloe’s death, Jeff and Tabitha left all of their kids, between ages 2 and 9, with a babysitter and family friend whom an account did not name but only described as a “young” “African American” man “in his twenties.” That account, allegedly posted by Tabitha Shoars on this blog site, said the couple left for the evening to attend a meeting before Jeff went to work and she attended a study group for a massage therapy course that she was taking.