AR School Leaders Rip Michelle O Rules

The garbage cans are becoming morbidly obese at Rogers High School.

“We’re feeding trash cans a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables,” Robin Kinder, president of the Arkansas School Nutrition Association and assistant child nutrition director for Springdale Public Schools, tells

In addition to changing the lunch menu to make it “healthier,” the school sends students back into the line if they fail to take the required fruits and vegetables mandated by the overhaul of the National School Lunch Program.

“It would just go straight to the trash sometimes,” Estefany Corleto, a junior at Rogers High School, says of the foods students are required to take. “I think it was just a waste of food.”

The paper reports after the new regulations took effect, school leaders “could hear a steady ‘thump’ as the students discarded the food in the trash cans just outside the doors to the serving area.”