Americans Hate Bullying. But Who’s the Biggest Bully in America?

Everywhere I look nowadays liberals are screaming about “bullying.” It’s the liberal cause “du jour.” Liberals hate bullies.

Well I know a very big bad bully. He’s the worst bully in all the land. His name is Barack Obama. Funny enough, liberals don’t care about his vicious bullying. Liberal hypocrites just make absurd excuses for his bullying, because they agree with his politics.

Isn’t it ironic? The worst bullies of all are liberals- the very people complaining about the traumatic effects of bullying.

Well I have a personal story that proves what bullies Obama and his socialist cabal really are. You see I believe the Obama White House sent the IRS to bully me. I have proof after obtaining my IRS files that this was a politically-motivated criminal conspiracy. Crimes were committed- the same crimes that forced Richard Nixon to resign. But mostly it’s a very bad case of bullying, intimidation and persecution by government to try to silence a critic of the president.