American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial to Honor Heroes, Caretakers

Despite never serving in uniform, Donna Joyner has felt the effects of the Vietnam War every day for the last 33 years.

Her husband, Dennis, is a triple amputee who lost both his legs and his left hand in a land mine explosion while serving in the Army in Vietnam. While Mr. Joyner earned the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service, his wife has received little public acknowledgment for her sacrifices, including quitting her job in 2008 to take care of her husband full-time.

Both will be recognized — he for his service to the country and she for her service to him — when the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial is dedicated Oct. 5 on grounds just across the street from the Capitol.

“We all sacrifice a lot. We don’t live our lives the same as anybody else,” Ms. Joyner said. “I’ve given up an awful, awful lot, and I would do it again any time.”