America is Losing the Battle Against Obesity

America’s obesity levels are still growing in spite of the renewed attention placed on healthy living, with some cities bearing the brunt of the continued upswing. In a study released Thursday, researchers found that 2014 had the highest obesity rate to date: 27.7 percent, nearly a third of America’s population. This is an increase from the 27.1 percent seen in 2013 and a huge jump up from the 25.5 percent of 2008.

Gallup, a researched-based consulting company, partnered with Healthways, a well-being improvement company, and conducted the study. They found that Baton Rouge is the most obese metropolitan area of the 100 communities polled, with an obesity rate of 35.9 percent. The least obese city was Colorado Springs, which had a 19.6 percent rate of obesity.

Of the top ten least obese cities in the nation, only two sit under 20 percent: Colorado Springs and San Jose, with 19.8 percent of its population termed obese.

“All of us in American society and government need to realize that this a disease that is here to stay and needs to be treated in a holistic manner. There is no quick fix for this problem,” Renu Mansukhani, Associate Clinical Director for Medicine at NCWW, said.