Ag Sec ‘Rolls Eyes’ Amid Complaints About Michelle O’s Lunch Program

All those complaints about skimpy school lunches?

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack doesn’t want to hear about them.

Stories of students being left hungry?

Stop already.

School budgets in the red, sometimes losing 6- and 7-figures?

You’re making that up!

The Kansas City Star reports:

Asked about a University of Vermont study published in August that reported a 56 percent increase in food waste, Vilsack rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, that was (data from) two schools,” he said. “It was two schools. Do you know how many schools there are in the country?”

Vilsack adds the standards promoted by first lady Michelle Obama “are working.”

President Obama’s point man on the lunch rules believes because he was portly growing up, these rules are necessary.

“I struggled with weight issues all my life and was made fun of, bullied because of it,” Vilsack said. “I know what kids go through when they deal with stuff like that. I know that it takes them off their game relative to learning. Those memories are still very clear in my mind, and I don’t want youngsters to have to handle or go through that kind of thing that I went through.”