After Defending Abortion Organ Harvesting, the NYT Now Defends Radical Islam

The New York Times recently proved once again why the “newspaper of record” continues to shed readers and advertisers, this time by reminding us what we have known and realized for quite some time – that not all Muslims are extremist-killers.

Yes, we get that. We know that – like not all whites are racists; not all conservatives are “homophobes;” and not all of what President Obama says is truthful.

But did The Times really have to remind us of this obvious fact when there was still blood on the streets of Paris following those horrific, ISIS-planned and sponsored attacks that left nearly 130 people dead? Apparently the paper’s editors thought so.

As noted by Pamela Geller in a column for Breitbart News a few days after the Nov. 30 attacks:

“Blood still stains the streets of Paris. France is in a deep state of shock; it is a nation of walking wounded. A British survivor of the concert at Bataclan tells how ISIS terrorists ‘tortured wounded victims by slitting their stomachs with knives.’ The media isn’t reporting these gruesome details. They are over Paris – not even a week has passed and The New York Times, the Associated Press and the rest of elite herd are promoting and proselytizing for Islam. It chills the blood.”