Adding Corruption to Obamacare Incompetence

Deception and unaccountability have plagued Obamacare from the start. First, millions of Americans found out that, contrary to promises, they couldn’t keep the health insurance plans they liked. Then a botched website rollout spoiled the law’s enrollment debut. Now, in the law’s first real tax season, the federal government sent 800,000 enrollees incorrect tax forms.

These episodes can be chalked up to government incompetence at best, broken campaign promises at worst. But the latest Obamacare mishap in Oregon has the makings of a real scandal, and shows the law is not only unworkable, but has been a platform for serious government back-dealing and corruption.

John Kitzhaber, the now disgraced ex-governor of Oregon, recently resigned amid various charges of corruption involving his fiancee Cylvia Hayes, who allegedly used their relationship to secure consulting jobs for her firm and for personal financial gain.

The national media has mainly focused on the potential abuse of funding for “green” government projects, but according to local news reports, Mr. Kitzhaber’s misconduct extends to the state’s implementation of Obamacare: The former governor was up for re-election in 2014, and in the same year he decided to put a secretive campaign consultant in charge of Cover Oregon, the already-failing state exchange.