34-Week Baby Cut From Womb Ruled Not A Homicide

A coroner in Colorado has ruled the death of a 34-week-old fetus cut from its mother’s womb to not be a homicide, but instead a “fetal demise” legally similar to a miscarriage. That means the fetus’s killer won’t face a murder charge.

The unborn girl, who was going to be named Aurora, was killed in March when her mother Michelle Wilkins was the victim of a heinous and bizarre attack. Wilkins was responding to a Craigslist ad offering to sell baby clothes, but instead walked into what authorities say was a premeditated assault.

According to police, Dynel Lane lured Wilkins into her basement and then attacked her in an attempt to steal her baby. The attack came after Lane had apparently faked a pregnancy of her own last year, and she allegedly hoped to steal Wilkins’ baby to silence the criticism of friends.