200,000 Coloradans to Lose Their Insurance Because of Obamacare

Obamacare is like a reoccurring nightmare with new horrors being revealed almost daily.

The latest outrage is not a bad dream for 200,000 residents of Colorado who recieved a waiver on Obamacare mandated coverage on their old insurance policies when it was revealed that the president lied about consumers being able to keep their insurance policies if they liked them. It is stone, cold reality now and, not suprisingly, people are up in arms about it.


About 190,000 Coloradans will lose access next year to health insurance plans which don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act, the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) decided.

In March of 2014, President Barack Obama decided to give states the option of allowing people on noncompliant health plans to be grandfathered in by renewing their old plans early, while problems with insurance exchanges were ironed out. Colorado insurance commissioner

Marguerite Salazar opted to do that for 2015, but told 9NEWS on Friday that the exception is no longer needed for plans in 2016, even though Colorado could have continued them an additional year. ”

By delaying it, it doesn’t give us a good pathway into full implementation of the ACA,” Salazar told 9NEWS. “I feel like we gave people that year, we have a great robust market in terms of health insurance in Colorado.”