12th Obamacare Insurance Co-Op Closes Down

More than half of the 23 taxpayer-funded Obamacare insurance startups are not offering plans next year, and another in Michigan said Tuesday that it was winding down.

Michigan’s Consumers Mutual Insurance announced late Tuesday it would not offer plans in 2016, making it the 12th Obamacare consumer-operated and oriented plan to close up. The closure comes two days into Obamacare’s third open enrollment period, and on the same day a congressional panel lashed out at an administration official about the spate of shutdowns.

The reason for the closure remains unclear. The co-op’s CEO told the Washington Post that the insurer will go through a wind-down plan that it hopes to finish by the end of this week.

Michigan’s co-op received a $71 million loan from the administration to fund its operations. In total, the 12 co-ops have received more than $1 billion in federal loans.