CBS News: The $634 MILLION Dollar Obamacare Website "Needs a COMPLETE Overhaul"

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This is a pretty blistering report by CBS News on the rollout of Obamacare via the HHS website that cost $634 million to build. CBS News not only says it was ‘nothing short of disastrous’, but interviewed a computer database software expert who said he would be embarrassed had his company rolled out something like this.

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  • Tina

    Really people? This was in fact the original plan that the Rep. Party had been looking for all a long. We are one of the ONLY Established Countries that does NOT have overall Healthcare to take care of their people….Do people REALLY understand what they are asking? Like if things changed with the Healthcare Admin. Act & the Republican Party won on their Tantrum of the month, that all the young adult children would NO longer be carried by their parents as they are now until they are 26 yrs. of age, but rather, You are your own kiddo, oh and good luck!! That is just one hot topic to name a few….Come on seriously, usually I really try to stay away from such topics, but when you do not even have people having an open mind on either side of the aisle and only flapping of the gums; I can not tolerate the overstated under thought commentary any longer……But thanks for sharing!!

  • Rachel

    by the way….was this failure of a prohect by any chance a no-bid contract given to Harry Reid’s nephew? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. They are all grifters, crooks and scam artists in the Democrat party.

  • Rachel

    3 YEARS and $650 million dollars…and they still can’t get it right? Effing imbecils! We are being governed by the Keystone Kops. Except these clowns aren’t funny at all. We are being SO scammed. In the real world, these people would be in prison for embezzlement.

  • Annie

    Well, GEE, HOWDY! Another piece of government WISDOM…can u imagine another 2 years of odoma helping and communism. GOD PLEASE HELP US ALL!!!

  • Annie

    Well, Gee, howdy!! Another odoma disaster, this is such a huge surprise!!! Great piece of government WISDOM! The likes of 2 more years of garbage and communism will be more than I can handle!!!

  • Frankly Frank

    ROFL CGU Oh dear. Sigh wait while I wipe the tears of laughter off my face. I website that doesn’t wrong after millions have been poured into it and a healthcare system that doesn’t work either. Way to go Obama, you did it again you putz.

  • duif100

    What did you expect?
    Obama was in charge!
    That explains it all!!!!!!

  • Hotnike

    GOOD! Now if Pelosi still wants this junk bill she can pay for the overhaul. That goes for all the democratic senators that shoved Obamacare down our throats. Obama needs to chip it a bit too and I want my money back also.