Obama Wants Your Sexual History: Let the Data Collection Begin...


If you think the Obama health law is only for the uninsured and you won’t be affected, you’re in for a surprise next time you go to the doctor. Be prepared for questions unrelated to why you are seeking medical help — questions that you don’t want to answer.

Whether you’re at the dermatologist or the cardiologist, you’ll likely be asked: “Are you sexually active? If so, do you have one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?”

Doctors are being turned into government agents, where they’re pressured financially to ask questions they consider inappropriate and unnecessary and violate their Hippocratic Oath to keep patients’ records confidential.

Going to the doctor can be embarrassing. But for your own good, you confide in your doctor, as you wouldn’t anyone else. What is happening here is different.

“This is nasty business,” says Dr. Adam Budzikowski, a New York cardiologist, who called the sex question “insensitive, stupid and very intrusive.” He could not think of an occasion when a cardiologist would need such information.

Doctors and hospitals who don’t comply with the federal government’s electronic health records requirements forego incentive payments now and face financial penalties from Medicare and Medicaid starting in 2015. The Department of Health and Human Services has already paid out over $12.7 billion in incentives to doctors and hospitals.

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  • Mel

    Why does he need tips?

  • Indiana Conservative

    How about getting Black Satan’s sex history.Is his favorite position missionary or on the side?

  • JoMama

    I’ll release that information if he releases some of HIS (0bama) personal information.
    I KNOW I have nothing to hide – how about him??
    People/congress/senate/American citizens/illegal aliens/criminals/world leaders/blacks/whites/everyone
    should be asking HIM those questions – not the other way around.
    He’s got his nerve.

  • Lou

    Does Obama want to know who to invite to the Chicago bath House

    • chief1937

      Just maybe Obama is looking for the perfect partner and this is the way to collect info for him. Sure sounds dumb to me. What does my sex life have to do with my medical condition unless I have STD’s or I am gay with HIV?

  • gameestratego@yahoo.com

    Why can’t the Americans see that organizations like Healthreport.com, Micheal Savage, Glenn Beck and jsm.org, the tea party, minutemen.com are LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. They spread lies and build their foundation on these lies. They speak their lies and opinions as facts. Then they speak further about others things with these lies with new lies. How do you know that this article is a lie? First the author fails to cite from the affordable healthcare act, where it says that this sort of information will be shared with your doctors. Second, the author does not explain how or why this will be one of the results from the affordable healthcare act with proper citations. I also believe under certain medical diagnoses, doctors will ask you such questions, such as: are you sexually active. Why do doctors ask such questions. Maybe for depression. Maybe a female is pregnant. Maybe AIDS related. Now consider the right all Americans have to have their medical information kept confidential, unless a waver form is signed. Its real intriguing for the author to state as fact, the government will get your medical information, but the author fails to reference what the law currently says about medical information and then how the Affordable Healthcare Act will make such laws relating to our privacy, void. Now consider, who is government or the government. What people in government will be having access to your medical information? Author fails to answer this. Then, for what purpose would “the government” do with your medical information? Are they just going to have access to it for no reason and let it sit as computer files, taking up hard drive space or in file cabinets, so they can laugh. Ha ha, we got the Americans medical papers, and we know who’s having sex with who. The author obviously lacks explanation and understanding of the law. The author is just trying to scare and intimidate the Americans so the Affordable Healthcare Act can be abolished. Why would they want to do this? My best thought on the question is that it has to do something with money, the economy, rich people who want to save their money and make the most money. They don’t want to support American health.

    • snickers

      You my dear did the very same thing that you accused the author of doing.

    • chief1937

      My dear if the health care act is so good just why did congress exempt themselves from it? That answer I would love to hear if it makes sense.

    • gussy258

      I guess we will just see, won’t we. We were also told that “death panels” were not so but guess what? They are.

    • Yooper

      Better check your facts. It is happening. One such questionnaire is being used in my primary care doctor’s office under guise of ‘Subsequent Annual Wellness Exam’ with a “subsequent” charge to medicare providers of $160.00 (or whatever the going rate may be in the various states). Do you think doctors are wasting their valuable time and their patients valuable time on this nonsense for the joy of it.? I declined to fill out the 2-page questionnaire. (Write “declined” across the form and initial it.) I don’t know what the consequences of that will be but as far as I am concerned, it is an intrusion of my privacy and a stupid way to waste medicare funds and I’m not having it..

      • Yooper

        Furthermore, I have a letter “Offering You a No Cost In-home Health and Well-Being Assessment”. What!?

  • Rob

    Obama is a pervert.

  • Forrest L. Horn Sr.

    The only thing even REMOTELY close to my sexual history Obama will ever hear is “Screw YOU!”

    • Keith

      Good one. But don’t make me ill with that imagery. I don’t think even the wookie will touch that.

  • Public Citizen

    Further thoughts on this line of questioning.
    By building a sufficiently large data base certain indicators will become apparent.
    Those indicators can be used to profile people for probable religious affinities or religious affiliations.
    This is looking like it is not just an impolite line of questioning but also an ILLEGAL line of questioning, given modern data mining and manipulation techniques.