U.S. Spending $653K to 'Reduce Tobacco Use' Among Brazilian Women


The National Institutes of Health is funding a program to convince female “light-smokers” in Brazil to kick their bad habit, at a cost to American taxpayers of $653,190.“There is a great need for the development of gender-relevant tobacco control efforts,” the description of the study on the NIH website reads. “We have established community and institutional capacity to promote gender-relevant tobacco control efforts among women in a tobacco producing states in Brazil.”Scientists are hoping their research will allow them to design a culturally- and gender-specific “intervention” convincing Brazilian women not to light up.“The goals of the network are to reduce tobacco use and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) among women in Paraná [southern Brazil], and to develop a cadre of well-trained researchers who will continue to address comprehensive tobacco control strategies at multiple levels,” the grant application said.

“Although, historically, tobacco use among women in developing countries, particularly Latin America, has been relatively low as compared to men,”it continued, “the smoking epidemic is rapidly spreading to women in developing countries, and these three Southern states [Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul] have the highest prevalence of women smokers in the country.”

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  • jim

    Why in hell are we paying for this B.S. I am sick and tired of being taxed to death for crap like this! I am sick of this f*(&^ing waste! I bet it was put into some ammendment by a scumbag democrat prick!

  • Charlotte

    This is none of our business. Obama needs to take care of Home, Our homeless And Our hungry As a baby boomer we were thought to take care of home First.

  • http://BigHealthReport Paul McDonald

    O.K. ! Who does the liberals know in Brazil?