Employers Offering 'Skinny' Coverage to Side-Step Obamacare Fines


Some employers are avoiding Obamacare penalties by offering “skinny” insurance plans that provide workers with minimum coverage like preventive care but little else, including benefits to help cover hospitals stays.

The minimum coverage qualifies as acceptable under the new healthcare reform law, so benefit advisers and insurance brokers are pitching minimum plans nationally, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Employers who offer the plans are recognizing they can avoid a $2,000-per-worker penalty by doing so, even though the plans often don’t cover basics like surgery, X-rays or prenatal care, let alone hospitalization.

The employers could still face other penalties, but they expect them to cost less than the $2,000 per worker fine for opting out of Obamacare. As a result, the Journal reported, more companies are seeking minimum coverage plans helping to create what amounts to a new industry of basic insurance brokers and benefit administrators pushing the plans to clients.

Some of the low-benefit plans will cost employers only between $40 and $100 per employee monthly, quite a savings over the $2,000 fine, the Journal noted.

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  • BarryLevy

    I guess you are beginning to understand that if you think free health care is cheap, you haven’t seen the cost.

    but do ask yourself the question, for all the cost that this bill has,  how many doctors/nurses/med techs are being hired to treat patients,  or is it bureaucrats and IRS agents and those that can teach people how to apply.

    And then ask why the costs are going up when we were told the costs would come down.

    In the medical world you can have low costs, speed or treatment, and quality of care.  The caveat in that in the real world you can only choose two, while in a government plan, you get none.

  • DennisReplogle

    The bill had to be passed to know what was in it.

    • ArcherChristifori

      DennisReplogle At least that’s what the glittering jewel of colossal ignorance and arrogance said they had to do.

  • gerardneumann

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

  • ssfoothoney

    I currently pay $6000 per employee for health care.  Once Odumbo care kicks in I will pay the fine and tell my employees to get the coverage on the exchange.

    • BarryLevy

      ssfoothoney   thank you for your honesty.  I appreciate the risk that you take to make a business successful only to be burdened with such rules and regulations that harm you.

  • JackPod

    Under Obama Care and his death panels, the cemetary business expects to prosper. Invest your money in their stocks NOW, and enjoy the uptick in your investment.

    • BarryLevy

      JackPod   and for those that didn’t think there were death panels,  one just needs to look at the story about the 10 year old, that Kathleen Sebilius has said can die,  she isn’t old enough to save.

      Now picture if this was your daughter,  and where is the outrage.  I know that if a private insurance didn’t cover a procedure, they would be crucified in the media

  • SamIamTwo

    Ok sooo has everyone been to the official federal HC website to see how this works out? 
    http://www.healthcare.gov   You have till Nov of this year to become compliant. Good luck to everyone. LMAO

  • wdobni

    I have a very affordable self-insured health care plan…..when the time comes it consists of a glass of bourbon, a cigarette, and a handgun with 2 bullets.    I spent 20 years working in and around hospitals and the ill.   Most of them would have been better served by my health care option.

    • AlanNKachalsky

      wdobni Why the 2nd bullet?

    • gerardneumann

      wdobni Death will come without the gun. Remember Pascal’s wager.

  • publis2012

    Employers who pull this deserve to be shot.

    • Synpax

      publis2012 Because being unable to afford the government regulations is their fault. Got it. 

      • CJRobber

        Synpax publis2012 The lawless cartel comprised of myriad government agencies is responsible for the dearth of private enterprise in the US. Bridge construction and maintenance have been supplanted by more lucrative and off-shore activities such as derivative trading. Some think that an American businessperson should just pay the highest tax rates in the free world and then get  the regulatory enema from the fascists like Stonewall Lerner. I can assure you, they will not hire here. Bridges are just a small part of the infrastructure collapse. Just drive to Detroit if you want to see what the leftist Einsatzgruppen can accomplish given enough time and no effective opposition.

    • SirGareth

      publis2012 You are no doubt a low information Obama supporter.    If  my employer could tax you, then I’m sure he could offer me free health care just as Good as Obama’s.    Unforntuenaly my employer must compete for his buiness and that means he has to deliver value or go out of business.     In order to give value, costs must be kept to a minimum or consumers will seek value elsewhere.
      Your alternative is to seek out a planned society like North Korea or Cuba where  the regime decides just what everyone “should have” and then sees to it that they all get it good and hard.

    • Willbrewale

      Employees like you should be fired.

      • SirGareth

        Mr Brew Ale you have been drinking too much of your product.  You so typify the low information retarded mouth breathers of the left.   So you think Obunghole “care” will work just fine as long as employees who understand that their employers must be competative should be fired…… got it Einstein.
        This is what we are faced with as a nation people.    This is why Obama has power to screw our once greatest country into its grave.     People like Willbrewale actually find their way to the polls when armies of  Democrat-communist activists lead them by the hand and operate the levers for them.

        • Willbrewale

          I was actually commenting on the clown who wants people shot. I do NOT support obamacare. I did mistakenly place my comment in the wrong location so I guess that makes me low info….. Errrrrrrrr oops!

    • SamIamTwo

      publis2012 If it is legal then take it up with Obama.

    • JackPod

      publis2012 If you go first, I might consider going second.

  • Flexx Deming

    “Employers who offer the plans are recognizing they can avoid a $2,000-per-worker penalty by doing so.”  That $2,000 fine pales in comparison to rise in insurance premiums looming over us in the private sector. .. .

    • SamIamTwo

      Flexx Deming But someone making 20K a year, it is going to hurt…and then the sheep will find out how great of a president they re-elected..but I hear somehow MSM Teflon will be applied and Congress will be blamed.
      This HC puppy was pushed thru by the DEM party…they controlled the house and senate from 2006 to 2010, and had a DEM president in the WH in 2009. Easy massive shove by the far left…but the poor will pay more and the rich could care less…Obama screwed the pooch.