Taco Bell Pulls Funny Super Bowl Ad After Health Advocacy Group Complains


Taco Bell, home of the popular “fourth meal,” has pulled an Super Bowl ad making fun on vegetables after a health advocacy group complained that the ad was a bad influence because of it’s perceived anti-vegetable message.

The ad itself was promoting its variety 12-pack of tacos as the perfect entre to bring to a party, because let’s be honest, everyone resents the person who walks into a party with a platter of vegetables. The ad compared it to “punting on fourth and one.”

“We didn’t want anyone to misinterpret the intent of the ad, ” Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch reportedly explained in a statement, “We sided with the vegetables and pulled it.”

The health advocacy group, Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), started a Twitter campaign to pull the ad over the weekend, claiming the ad deters people from eating their greens.

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  • AppraisHer

    Another mole hill for the perpetually outraged to make into a mountain.

  • Dexter Jackson

    It’s a joke dummy.

    • ladykroft

      @Dexter Jackson
       You’re wrong and you’re the dummy. It’s not a joke and it’s all over the internet. Get your facts straight before you call anybody a dummy…dummy.

      • Dexter Jackson

        @ladykroft  @Dexter Jackson Gee ladykroft, I completely agree with your original post, that’s why I  didn’t reply to it.
        I perceived an attempt at humor by Taco Bell with the commercial and I feel that the vegetable loving people that can’t understand that are the dummies.
        Apparently I’m not understanding something, I guess that makes me a dummy. Perhaps you could explain the facts.

  • ladykroft

    It burns my a ss to see these companies  cowtowing to whiny, crying, special interest groups.  If there’s a chance you’ll retract your statement…don’t say it. If you’re going to back down on anything…don’t do it. Grow an effin spine.

  • LeeRiffee

    If the idiots at CSPI had their way, veggies would be the only things anyone would be allowed to eat and we’d all end up like the average person in North Korea.

  • gary popkin

    Do you mean “… because of its perceived anti-vegetable message.”?


    I would have left it there . If the wanna be prez can joke about 4 dead AMERICANS nothing could be more disgusting .