Members of Congress Should Wear Uniforms Like NASCAR Drivers

Nascar Labels

“Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, so we could identify their sponsors.” What a great idea! Congress wants food labels to tell how much sodium is in every serving as well as the calorie count. It’s about time that we all know who donates to politicians who pass laws that affect our lives and wallets. When Congressmen give press conferences, maybe they should be required to do it in front a backdrop that lists all their major donors, individuals, corporations, and special interest groups.

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  • Hank leatherman

    Yea make them fire suits so everytime they lie the suits go up in flames

    • JDH

      Wouldn't orange jumpsuits be more appropriate? That way they would feel more comfortable when they are indicted. Also we might want to limit the number of sponsors they have to list. some of those fools have so many owners that the individual logos would be so small youwould need a magnifing glass to read them all.

  • Dean

    What a great idea! That way, we'll see who's really running this country! Let's have Obama and the head of so-called "Federal Reserve" wear them too!

    • Jack D. Spence

      Good idea. I thought about 28 States was going to make sure he was a Natural Born Citizen before he would be on the ballot for re-election. Where is the outcry:

  • tod

    oops ;Exactly

  • tod

    Now that would be a good idea,I'd love to see exaxtly how many work for George Soros,GE and the rest of them.

  • Public Citizen

    Great Idea!

    Here's another one:

    All members of Congress should be required to blow a breathalyser test before any vote is registered, whether it is a committee vote or a floor vote.

    The standard should be the same as the federal mandate for commercial truck drivers which is 0.04

    Any vote on which they fail the breath test would be registered as PRESENT – INTOXICATED.

    NO – yes vote, no – no vote.

    With as many habitual drunkards as we know are in both houses of congress this requirement would make a major difference in the quality of the legislation being approved.

    • Dean

      Excellent Idea, the people deserve sober employees!