Nullify Obamacare Like Three Other States Already Have


It’s easy to get down in the dumps when we lose a presidential election. A Minnesota psychologist even said that many people will experience post-election depression. Most of those feelings will wear off in due time. There’s no reason for conservatives to feel apathetic and give up. Sometimes good things can come from losses. Depending on your attitude, it can make you more resolute than before. A Romney victory may have made many of us brush off our hands and think that the fight is finally over. The Obama victory has made us more determined to fight back. As Gary Demar wrote recently:

“Giving up is just what the liberals and establishment Republicans want us to do. We should be more resolute and put the fear of God into these people by our persistence.”

If it weren’t for an Obama victory, perhaps there wouldn’t be three states right now passing laws that nullify Obamacare. Granted, these ballot initiatives were passed on Election Day before we knew Obama had won, but hopefully the trend will continue until most states have rendered Obamacare null and void. And if that happens, we can thank Obama’s re-election.

These states are affirming their sovereignty over the Federal government. I don’t care that the Supreme Court opined that the health care law was Constitutional. The Supreme Court also ruled that a woman has the right to murder her unborn child. That was an opinion over one particular case. Judges don’t make laws; they render opinions, and states should ignore bad judicial opinions. They should also ignore bad Federal laws.

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  • Norman419


  • NVD

    Our constitutional rights have been overthrown by communist and the supreme court justice who are liberal and and dead from the neck up when they were chosen.

  • malcolmx

    COMMUNISTS [BILL AYERS] HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATING THE SKULLS FULL OF MUSH FOR [2] TWO DECADES;; the part of communism they fail to bring out ; is that there is no real difference in the elite wealthy concept except  the money is taken from the makers[business men] and given to the [ takers obama regime]; there is still the “haves and the have nots”, the communists just lie about helping level the playing field,,,,,wait until you [52%] are starving this winter and have no gasoline or heat in your homes, then tell me how wonderful your wisdom is;; obama is a LOSER…..IF YOU VOTED FOR HIM :”YOU ARE A LOSER”……ALL PEOPLE IN THIS NATION [EXCEPT THE OBAAM APPOINTED wealthy], hollyweirds and popculture fools and unions will suffer the same;; when the makers leave America you will have the new GREECE; since most of obama voters are too stupid to watch the real media and comprehend the facts it will never make sense to them anyway;; they are baby birds sitting with their mouths open waiting for obama to drop them a worm……

  • malcolmx

    I like this way of thinking;; let’s take this one step further [as bloomberg says];;let us ‘ ‘WE THE  PEOPLE”  to form a more perfect union, secede from the failed obama regime;;[it is not OUR government] any more.  obama IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!!

    • Evermyrtle


  • anybodybutobama

    Other states should jump on the band wagon.  There are a lot of people who still think this law is the worst.  Do states have the right to nullify Obamacare?  What a great move, if ti’s legal.



  • Norman419

    I have given up a lot to come to the USA and become a proud citizen of this nation. My entire family and I have gone thru all the loop holes that the INS put in front of all  of us. Filled  Forms, paid fees, had background checks, medical exams, photographed, fingrprinted, waited 5 (FIVE) years, learned english, paid for the N-400, went to the interview and passed it with great marks. NOW! Mr. Obama is going to give these ILEGALS that have jumped the frontier – a way to CITIZENSHIP. What kind of crasy person would do that?? An astute ego maniac in order to GET VOTES that have him sitting in the White House for another 4 years. [exactly as it  just hapened ]. This simple act is a powerful slap in the faces of ALL the MILLION of people who have followed the procedure in order to becoma a citizen of the United States of America the LEGAL and CORRECT WAY.. I ask myself – WHERE IS THIS COUNTRY HEADED?? GOD BLESS AND PROTECT AMERICA!!   amen….