W.H.: Obama will veto healthcare repeal


As the GOP-controlled U.S. House of Representatives prepared to vote on  repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the White House said a repeal bill would be  vetoed.

As with previous votes, action by the House — scheduled for Thursday — to  repeal President Barack  Obama‘s signature healthcare policy likely will go nowhere because the  Democratic Senate won’t consider it. In a statement Monday, the White House  Office of Management and Budget said Obama would veto a repeal bill “because it  would cost millions of hard-working middle class families the security of  affordable health coverage and care they deserve. It would increase the deficit  and detract from the work the Congress needs to do to focus on the economy and  create jobs.”

In a statement, the OMB said repealing the Affordable Care Act would mean  “marketplaces where Americans could compare private insurance plans and get tax  credits to purchase them would not open.”

“Tax credits for small business owners who cover their employees would be  eliminated,” the statement said. “States would lose substantial Federal  assistance under Medicaid to provide coverage for the neediest Americans.”

Repeal would mean insured Americans “would lose the benefits and protections  they receive under the healthcare law,” the OMB said.

It would take a GOP trifecta in the November elections — winning the White  House and control of the Senate and retaining its majority in the House — to  overturn the Affordable Care Act or at least defund portions of it, CBS News  reported Monday.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last month the individual mandate, the heart of  the healthcare law, is constitutional because it is a tax.


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  • Fred Mitchell

    Obama won’t have to veto the health care,the democrats, in the Senators will do it for him.No doubt Obama has phone each and every one of them.And those who might have hesitaed have all but, been threated.That is the kind of Pres we have in this WH.I hope all the bleeding hearts are happy, as if they have good sense’s.

  • Samuel

    The U. S. taxpayers do not want this monsterous tax law contolling 25 percent of our entire economy. Repeal by Romney would bring the largest tax CUT in the nation’s history and, thereby, providing a large stimulous to the economy. Millions of new jobs will be created and the cost of health insurance will be lower in a free market.

  • justice now

    To samtman, you sound like a liberal which is ok as long as your objectivity is coherent. If you want to know where the jobs are ask Obama, he is supposed to be the great creator. While you are asking why don’t you ask him to explain why he said “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” when he want disclose his records for all America to know who he is.

  • samtman

    Lets face it folks, the Afordabel Health Care program is another great victory along with Medicare and Social Securety for the middle class fought for by the Democats for a better life for all Americans. What have the Republicans done for the middle class in the last 80 years. They only represent the moneyed classes like Mitt Romney who would rather hide their money tax free made in Amrica on the backs of our workers in switzweland than invest in America. Those are your job crators. So, where are the jobs.

    • joseph g

      You are an idiot. The only one hiding anything is barry. I would not show barry shit. Until he releases documents on fast and furious. Until he releases a real birth certificate. Until he releases his selective service records. Until he releases the information on why he has a Connecticut social security card. Not only are you an idiot you are a moral degenerate and a reprobate who cares nothing about truth.

    • Chief

      Samtman you definitely sound like a die hard Democrat.When all of Obamacare is instituted you may not be so proud of it especially when you reach Medicare age as his bill removes 500Million from medicare and adds coverage for millions of people includeing Illegals that my friend is your democrats at their best but you go ahead and praise the downfall of our nation that is your right at the present time that also may go.