Do McDonald's Burgers and Fries Belong in Hospitals?


Talk about your mixed messages. Go to grab a bite in some hospitals and you will see cafeterias offering salad bars and other healthful fare right next to McDonald’s outlets offering burgers and fries.

Nearly two dozen hospitals that host McDonald’s restaurants just got a letter from an advocacy group asking them to evict their fast-food tenants and to “stop fostering a food environment that promotes harm, not health.” The group, Corporate Accountability International, is leading a larger campaign to get McDonald’s to stop marketing to kids. That effort has been endorsed by nearly 2,000 health professionals, some of which work at the very hospitals still housing the fast food giant, says campaign director Sara Deon.

“We hear from physicians saying kids come in for their diabetic check-ups and they hear the parents saying ‘If you are well-behaved, we’ll take you for a treat at the McDonald’s down the hall,’ ” Deon says. And McDonald’s doesn’t just get business in these deals: It gets a healthy image boost, Deon says.

But breaking these ties is easier said than done, NPR reports. In many cases, long-standing contracts — created before hospitals adopted what some call a “culture of wellness” — keep unwelcome food vendors in place. Doctors at prestigious Cleveland Clinic tried to oust McDonald’s back in 2005; it is still there – even though one of the doctors who led the effort is now the hospital’s CEO.

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  • Conniek31

    Well, if they know the risks of the food and still want the fast food, fast plugged arteries!  Knowledge should come first !

  • rpaul20988

    Its a choice just like the choice some make to over eat any and all foods.  McDonalds is just a face to pin to a cause.

    And not everyone visiting the hospital can efford a $10.00 sandwiche just to make someone else feel better about what they eat.  Yep, Deli, proper chips and a drink…….$14.22 

  • MalikTous

    While I’m all for freedom of choice, my choice in this case is to avoid the vile garbage sold as ‘food’ by ‘Three Finger Micky’s Simulated Meat Bi-product Burgers’ and similar national greasy-spoon chains. I’d prefer the hospital quit making the standard hospital meals so bland and add a deal with a local grocery to host a real food deli in the hospital. (Nickname for Macdonalds is from Firesign Theatre comedy)

    • jdubya

      That is your opinion and you are welcome to it, but don’t presume to tell me what is good for me! The people who continue to purchase from fast-food places are not obese because they eat ‘that junk’ but because they eat too much food period! Get off the God bless me cause I eat right kick and learn the lessons of freedom.

  • Mark

    That is plain nuts.  One of our local hospitals has a McDonalds in the lobby.  There is nothing wrong with eating any food as long as it is done in moderation.  Besides, when your visiting the hospital it is usually nof for the most pleasant of reasons.  A little fun food is acceptable as an outlet at such times.  The food police need to stay out of our lives.

    • notoislam

      How stupid is as stupid does .   How in the heck does the govt. think it will control this.   If you want a Mac then you should be able to get it with the fries too.    This sounds like Mooo-shell is getting her fingers into all she can to runin free choice.