Heart Surgeon Speaks Out on What Really Causes Heart Disease


We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong. As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries, today is my day to right the wrong with medical and scientific fact.

I trained for many years with other prominent physicians labelled “opinion makers.” Bombarded with scientific literature, continually attending education seminars, we opinion makers insisted heart disease resulted from the simple fact of elevated blood cholesterol.

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    The one thing that causes the cholesterol to collect on the walls of the arteries and the thing that causes the walls to become Irritated is one maine thing that most Dr’s havent thought of but I have because I and my brother went through a heart attack he was able to get his ceaned out I had a stent put in and the reason was STRESS WHICH can cause the arteries to close up in less than a month, It never would have happened If I would have taken the special pills that I was takeing b fore .

  • Dash

    If there is no cure, think fungus.
    I’ve started reading Doug Kaufmann’s book “The Fungus Link” and it has been eye opening. He’s made a believer out of me! Even if you don’t buy his book, read about fungus on-line.

  • Ellen Karsten

    Thanks for your info. It really boils down to>>>ALL OF US HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR GOOD HEALTH!!!

  • DocJohnM

    I have heart disease as does my brother, the eldest brother does not but both my parents had heart disease, both passing at age 65. Genes do rely largely on how a person will develop heart problems.  we are all using C-PAPs for sleep apnea as did my folks prior to their deaths. I am a walking, talking example of genetics in the disease process. We all have some form of degenerative arthritis, again as did my folks.

  • Larry

    If high cholesterol killed people I can’t imagine how any Eskimos or other Native Americans ever survived past 25 or 30 years of age eating what they ate and still eat.

  • Laurencealmand

    I believe that a person’s heredity also plays a part  – it is all in the genes.  My father ate steak and hamburger and ice cream, and also smoked three packs of cigarettes a day.  He lived to be 81 and never had a heart attack.    This is another good reason for genetic counseling:   if one or both parents had heart disease, you will probably have it also, regardless of your diet or anything else.

    • nixxnutz

      I agree—I think genes are more important than they’re given credit for. My grandmother lived to 102 without ever hearing the word cholesterol or exercising. My mother lived to 89 after smoking for 40 years. I’m a lifelong asthmatic still kicking at 77. Only surgery I’ve ever had was a tonsillectomy at age 6.

    • Myrtle

       You are right, you can just watch it. Trace families with a lot of heart disease, it usually runs true to course. I know some of these families. It seems that no precautions taken helps a lot, but if precautions can add a few years, take them. People whose families do not have heart attacks can eat almost anything they want to and as much as they want with it making not  much  difference.
      That does not mean that you should not take reasonable precautions, it may add add a few years to your life. don’t even think of ruling that out. “I want to dig mu late husband up so that I can kill him, because he listened to “THE ONE DOCTOR” who told him it did not matter what he ate it would make no difference and he did just that, a big dish of ice cream before bedtime and anything that took his fancy.  A massive heart attack took him out at age 60., 25 years ago.

  • Eagle

    Dr Lundell:
             Dwight, thanks for the info.  I always like to read and pick up advice from you.  Thanks for your books as well.
    D.R. From High School days.

    • Pdivine

      I see no one posting by about how stress is also involved in people`s poor health problems. Some people thrive in stressful life styles. Others suffer dibilitating health problems due to their inability to handle a stress filled life.
      I read in the Bible that prophesied that  in the last days, people would  experience wide-spread health problems caused by heart failure due to fear and looking upon the multitude of increasingly stressful situations that people will have to face. The prophesy specificall said that  people would experience heart failure because of  looking upon the things that we now encounter every day.

      This leads me to believe that stress plays a large role in the increase in heart deseas and other health problems that have icreased to such a hight level in last one hudred years or so.

      • Daniel Nieliwocki

        That’s very hared for me to believe,most of the statistics i read was very few heart attacks  from high cholesterol and many from low cholesterol.Lets remember the body needs cholesterol to protect itself, your brain is about 2% of of your body weight, and cholesterol which protects it is about 25% of your body weight, decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body could have your brain rattling around in your head like bebe inside a plastic ball.
        People with high cholesterol have a problem with there body that keeps the body fighting the problem cholesterol, example people who don’t drink enough water will have high cholesterol,why because the stomach needs water to dilute the acid before it can empty the food into the small intestine,the stomach will steal the water from the cells,there is a possibility it could kill the cell that’s when the liver starts producing cholesterol to protect the cell.There are many reasons for high cholesterol. There are absolutely no reason in world for reducing it. That process becomes very dangerous for the body to be able to fight.