Shocking HIV Rates Among Black Women

HIV Women

The HIV rate among black women living in some U.S. cities is the same rate as that of some African countries, according to a new multicenter study presented Thursday at the 19th Conference of Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections.

The jarring findings acknowledge that HIV is not an infection that has been eradicated, but one that has been somewhat forgotten, researchers said.

The new data come from the ISIS study (The Women’s HIV Seroincidence Study), and reflect an analysis of at-risk women in six urban areas of the United States that have some of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS: Baltimore, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, N.C., Washington, D.C., Newark and New York City.

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  • Summer

    If you watched Judge judy you wouldn’t find this shocking at all.

  • Laurencealmand

    If people behave in a careless manner they will pay the price – and that holds true for everyone.   The government can only do so much in regard to health education.   If people won’t listen, then forget it!  You make a choice – you take the consequences.

  • Dr. Real

    The reasons, causes, answers are not important.  What is important is the Blacks take care of this problem, not the government.  Government intervention perpetuates such problems.  Where are you Black churches?  Rev. Jackson?  Rev. Sharpton?  Please show us your committment or are you apart of the same game?

  • Brucethompson22

    Does anyone know why,did the report say? Is it from drug use or multiple partners, or just in their genes?

    • BendDover2

      It’s not in their genes…it’s in their “JEANS”.  They got it largely the old fashioned way…they parted their thighs and the rest is history.    There’s a significant number of black men who are switch-hitters, (liking the boys and the girls), so they’re an equal opportunity transmitter of HIV.

      But, the media will again talk about drug use and needle sharing as a big factor, when the real culprit is the rampant promiscuity amongst blacks. 

      • Orlando Wilson

         Oooooooh! You better quit telling the truth! You’re gonna get in trouble. Just wait and see. Somebody’s gonna report you!