Portland, Ore., 3-Year-old Ingests 37 Magnets

magnets in stomach

An Oregon 3-year-old is recovering after she ingested 37 Buckyball earth magnets.

Oregon’s KPTV originally reported that Payton Bushnell had complained to her parents about stomach pain. At first, Aaron and Kelli Bushnell thought their child simply had a stomachache, but her symptoms continued, and an X-ray at the hospital finally revealed a circular grouping of magnets in her stomach.

The magnets reportedly snapped Payton’s intestines together, punched one hole in her stomach and three in her intestine, according to KPTV. Payton’s parents say she may have mistaken the small metallic balls as edible toppings they often use to decorate cupcakes.

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  • Habeck

    I wasn’t a stay at home Mom.  Matter of fact I worked 2 jobs.  One full time days and 1part time nights.  Now I don’t mean at two different times either.  I mean at the same time.  Our daughter graduated with a 4.0 (now it doesn’t get any better than that.)  WE have a signed certificate, with the presdential seal and Pres. Reagans signiture for graduating in the top 10 in the United States. She is now Vice President for her company. Not bad for having a Mom and Dad to that worked thier butts off for her.  Oh, by the way she had her first date when she was in college at the age of 18.


    Great job of parenting 101 . If the economy would allow a single income house hold things like this would not happen . Turn off the TV and the computer and become a parent . Do it the old fashion way ,NO ELECTRONICS.

    • Judy

      I was a “Stay at Home” mom for 21 years and my girls turned out to be #’s 11 and 16 of their graduating class of over 450.  Now THATs what mothers do.  I was there when they had questions, I was there when they had Boy problems and I was there when they just needed a Hug.  THAT is what mothers are for.  Dad did his part too, but had to go to work so was not around as much as mom.  I did NOT turn the TV on and the only time they were at the computer was for learning the computer.  NO internet access for them.  They are both adults now and doing exceptionally good in careers and home life.